How it Works

2ndHair is made of tons of tiny magic hair building fibers, which is exactly the same material with your hair. When applied to thinning hair areas, the tiny plant fibers will instantly bind to your hair like countless small magnets, thus build the appearance of great hair coverage and thicker hair look, making the awkward thinning area disappearing! As 2ndHair is used to add hair to your existing hair, it doesn’t apply to complete bald. It works great for people who has less hair.
how it works

Regain Your Confidence, In Seconds.

regain confidence

You may confused hair loss or thinning hair problems, and losing heart in various of social occasions like meeting, business, party and so on. Now using 2NDhair building fibers make you full head of hair and regain your confidence, In Seconds.




2ndHair continues working all day – ensuring that you have flawless results anytime. It keeps working until you wash it off in the shower with shampoo, and never a moment before.

Perfect hairstyle in seconds

2ndHair Hair Building Fibers is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair, transform your appearance in 30 seconds.

Natural, fresh and unnoticed

The natural process of using 2ndHair to make your hair looks thicker is completely undetectable. That’s extremely important. 2ndHair is completely undetectable from up to two inches away.

Resists wind, rain and perspiration

2ndHair won’t come off in wind, rain or perspiration. The Fibers will remain bonded to your hair until you choose to wash it out with shampoo.

100% natural material

2ndHair is 100% natural products. 2ndHair are taken form Herbal fibers, Natural vegetable dyes. The product does not contain dyes, chemicals, or any artificial ingredients. So you do not worry occurs any negative consequence.

14 days money back guarantee

If you wish to return the product, you must request to return your items within 14 working days of receipt of goods. We will only accept returned goods that are in the same condition as when sent. A refund will be issued to the original payment method that was used for the purchase.Buyer pays return shipping.