Surgeon perofrming transfer of hair graftsHair transplant surgery is a method that comprises of moving hair from an area with a lot of hair to an area without. This process produces a natural look that you prefer. The follicles are transferred by a device known as punch graft. The strands are transplanted into tiny holes in bald areas of the scalp. A hair transplant is used so as to cover the bare spots on your scalp.

In most cases, you are expected to have several surgeries to achieve a natural look and coverage that you will prefer. Often, follicles may fall off after the transplant has been done. Your new hair will grow again in the sections that have been transplanted. It takes several months before you see growth. The amount of hair on a treated area will depend on how many healthy follicles are there after the transplant.

Grafting can be a permanent remedy for balding. Although the surgery can be expensive, you can be assured that your bald head will be a thing of the past. No factor will influence the results of the surgery as the doctor’s level of experience. If you’re interested in having this procedure done, don’t hesitate to consult about the experience of a surgeon. A well-performed surgery will create life long changes for your self confidence and hairline.

Restoring hair is a low-risk procedure, but with any other surgery, there are minimal risks involved. It is a safe procedure, especially if an experienced doctor is treating it.

The possible risk involved is that there can be the death of hair follicles. Due to death, it can result in a case where there will be no growth of new hair.

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