This is one of the most common questions when candidtates are looking into getting some type of hair restoration. Keep in mind, NeoGraft and Artas are competitors, each offering their own pros and cons. In this case, we’re going to discuss the cost difference of the two. This will give you a better understanding of which is going to fit your budget.

Making the decision of what kind of hair graft to use can be overwhelming. While there are many choices in hair grafting, two of the principal types are the NeoGraft hair transplant and the Artas Robotic hair transplant. Both are well-regarded and highly effective. Both also have excellent reviews from those who have undergone the treatments. While they are slightly different, both are minimally invasive and garner great results. One rather significant difference between the two is cost.

While prices vary between states and doctors, each treatment can cost from $3.50 and up. While this seems like they have costs that are the same, it looks very different when the average cost of each is looked at. The NeoGraft hair transplant has an average price of $9,625, while the Artas Robotic hair transplant costs almost $2,000 on average more at $11,550. This makes the NeoGraft vs. Artas argument lean towards NeoGraft based upon cost.

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