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The success of your hair transplant and the lack of significant hair scarring is about 95 percent down to your choice of surgeon, and around five percent your body and its healing properties. As you can see, it is essential that you take the time to research your doctors fully, to increase your chances of success. The aim of this article is to try and assist you in making this important choice.

While there is no recognized professional body for hair transplant surgeons, an excellent place to begin your research would be at  International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. This is a consumer organization which thankfully does not permit any practicing surgeon to join. To gain access and approval they have to prove that they are up to a certain standard, which should give you as a prospective patient confidence in their abilities. While not compulsory, it could be argued that if a surgeon has chosen not to apply, or is not a member of this organization, that this at the very least should raise some warning signals.

Have A Face To Face Meeting With Your Prospective Surgeon

It is both reasonable and proper that you have a proper meeting with your doctor before agreeing to any treatment or engaging their services. This should be the doctor themselves, not a deputy, or salesperson or anyone else. Hair transplant surgery is an expensive and necessary procedure, and it is, therefore, essential that you have both faith and confidence in your surgeon.

Have a list of questions to ask them, and request a minimum of ten before and after pictures demonstrating their previous work. This is not an unreasonable demand and is something every good surgeon will have and will be happy to show you.

You should also ask for the names and numbers of 5 patients whom the surgeon has treated so that you can contact them for their opinion and experience of the treatment. This is worth doing although, in reality, you need to be aware that anyone the doctor does supply details of is likely to be a satisfied and happy patient, so this part of the test may not be as independent as we would like.

The final question to ask is how big a percentage of the surgeon’s daily work are hair transplant operations. If he or she is only performing one or two per month then again the advice would be to find a different surgeon who is performing operations on a daily basis. This does not indicate that the quality of the doctor is poor, but it is better so use a surgeon who has vast experience and knowledge in comparison to someone for whom hair transplants are not a specialty.

Contact Your State Medical Board

The perfect antidote for the above issue is to contact the state medical board, to ascertain if your prospective surgeon has had any complaints filed against him or her in the last five years. This is entirely independent and not something that the surgeon has any control over so is a perfect litmus test for you to perform, and will certainly give you valuable information upon which to base your decision.

Remember to take your time, perform due diligence, and be entirely happy with your choice of the surgeon before giving the consent to proceed. If you need a recommendation of one of the top hair transplant surgeons in the United States, then be sure to check out Dr. Neavin. Artisan can help you achieve the results that you want.

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